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RAMS 2010/4 - Boats rocking in the radio storm, BUT...
Fri, Nov 5th, 2010

Boats rocking in the radio storm, BUT… 2010 has arguably been one of the tougher years for South African radio. Audience numbers have been more volatile than normal, due primarily to strong competition from other media types and –platforms. According to SAARF RAMS 2010/4, however, Jacaranda 94.2 didn’t...Read more

Jacaranda 94.2 Just Plain Breakfast breaks world record!
Wed, Nov 3rd, 2010

Just Plain Breakfast – 40 000 LIKES ON FACEBOOK in just 11 days! The Jacaranda 94.2 Just Plain Breakfast team has broken a world record! They have made history for being the fastest group to reach 40 000 ‘likes’ in only 11 days on Facebook! To the best of...Read more

Sisters With Blisters 2010 - brutality against women and children stops HERE!
Mon, Nov 1st, 2010

IT'S TIME AGAIN FOR SISTERS WITH BLISTERS 2010 – STOPPING ABUSE ONE STEP AT A TIME! Brutality against women and children is rampant in South Africa and continues, on a daily basis, unabated. As a South African – how does this make you feel? Ashamed, embarrassed, threatened, concerned, angry?...Read more

Jacaranda 94.2 studio hijacked
Thu, Oct 21st, 2010

Jacaranda 94.2 studio hijacked Pandemonium erupted at Jacaranda 94.2’s Samrand studios this morning as people who refused to leave the studio locked its doors, severely delaying the broadcast of the Jacaranda 94.2 Workzone. The perpetrators behind this daring act? None other than the Jacaranda 94.2 Just Plain Breakfast team led...Read more

Jacaranda 94.2 introduces visual radio!
Mon, Oct 18th, 2010

Jacaranda 94.2 introduces “visual radio” Jacaranda 94.2 already commands a prime audience of more than 2 million listeners in LSM 6-10 across Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North West and Limpopo. Now, in line with its reputation of going “beyond the airwaves” and continuously increasing audience numbers, Jacaranda 94.2 is taking top notch...Read more

Why Jacaranda 94.2 is paying R50 000 for copying
Wed, Oct 6th, 2010

Why Jacaranda 94.2 is paying R50 000 for copying Could you pass as a copy of Lady Gaga or maybe you are the spitting image of Casper de Vries? Maybe you know someone who sounds just like Kylie or looks exactly like Samuel L. Jackson?Jacaranda 94.2 and KYOCERA MITA South...Read more

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